BIG Philanthropy

What will be philanthropy’s “new story?”

BIG Philanthropy (a.k.a., Philanthropy Out Loud) March 25, 2008

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Philanthropy Out Loud was the original name of this blog. Then I remembered something.

Don’t be fooled, “BIG Philanthropy” is not about large piles of cash but rather about philanthropy done BIG.

What inspired me to use this term and what does it mean anyway? A book called Living Big by Pam Gout which encourages the reader to take a leap and embrace their extraordinary life. What if philanthropy chose to live Big? What if it assumes fully the mantle of risk-taker and dreamer, seizes the day, capitalizes on opportunities, and comes into its own ripeness? Philanthropy is an art. Let’s embrace the creative and visionary spirit of the arts and use it to begin to write a new chapter in the story of philanthropy – one that models authenticity and honors the inherent joy of giving.

Philanthropy was created to do big things. And there is simply too much suffering in the world for it to live little.


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